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UNITED, Inc And Criteo Deliver In-app Advertising For Marketers in Japan via“AdStir” Platform

Tokyo – August 22, 2014 – UNITED, Inc. (TSE Mothers listing code: 2497), a Japan-based holding company engaged in internet-related business, and Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), the performance advertising technology company, today jointly announced that Criteo K.K., Criteo’s Japan operation, is now connected to UNITED’s sell-side platform (SSP)[1], AdStir, allowing advertisers worldwide to deliver Criteo’s performance advertising to consumers in Japan on mobile web as well as in-app via real-time bidding (RTB)[2].


Introduced earlier this year, Criteo’s Mobile In-App Performance Display Advertising solution generates fully personalized, dynamic banners in real-time within apps. Each individual ad is optimized to maximize conversions at a specific return on ad spend (ROAS) objective, based on the customer’s previous behavior. These ads also deeplink to the correct place in the marketers’ app. By integrating with AdStir, Criteo K.K. is now able to access UNITED’s SSP’s vast mobile in-app inventory in Japan for the first time.


In addition, AdStir’s media partners in Japan can now expect to receive bids from twelve advertising technology companies and demand-side platforms (DSPs)[3].


Marketers who are advertising via Criteo will not only be able to reach more mobile web publishers but also the in-app inventory in Japan through AdStir, which receives 35 billion ad impressions[4] monthly[5]. Through the combination of UNITED’s mobile RTB and Criteo’s unique technology that analyzes users’ purchasing behavior, Criteo’s clients can now reach out to users in Japan with personalized product recommendations created in real-time via mobile web and in-app advertising, maximizing both (ROI) and lifetime value (LTV).

[1] SSP (Supply Side Platform or Sell Side Platform) is an advertising management platform for the supply side that provides centralized management of numerous ads, and optimizes distribution (with functions such as yield optimize) in order to maximize growth.

[2] RTB (Real Time Bidding) advertising is a form of advertising technology where the advertising buyer (advertiser) uses demand-side platforms to buy media ad spots on a per-impression basis in a bidding format. The advertising buyer (advertiser) can thus increase advertising effectiveness by paying a price that corresponds with that level of effectiveness. Media can be sold as impressions to the advertiser with the highest bid, which can drastically increase advertising income.

[3] DSP (Demand Side Platform) is an advertising management platform for the demand side (advertising side) that follows specific distribution logic to distribute ads to the optimum users in order to maximize advertising effects.

[4] Ad impression is an index used to measure the effectiveness of ads listed on websites, and refer to the amount of exposure that an ad receives from online users.

[5] Reported figures for June 2014.


“Japan has been the most advanced market for mobile for many years, and is now one of the leading markets for app usage worldwide. With so much time spent in apps, we are excited to expand our focus on publisher relationships from the browser into apps, and to provide our marketers with a unique opportunity to target a highly engaged audience,” said Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer, Criteo. “Partnering with the largest smartphone SSP in the Japanese market, will make it easier for our customers to effectively drive engagement through mobile apps and ensure they generate the most return on their ad spend. ”



About AdStir

UNITED, Inc. launched ’AdStir’ in September 2011. AdStir is an advertising monetization platform designed for internet media ad spots. The platform helps advertisers maximize profits (Yield Optimize) by optimizing distribution, with RTB advertising being a key technological component and driving profits. In June 2014, AdStir achieved 35 billion monthly impressions, making it the largest SSP in the Japanese smartphone market.

UNITED was the first in the industry to implement an open platform for RTB advertising, with the destination DSP increasing gradually from the company’s ‘Bypass’ to include Criteo. AdStir is connected to 12 DSPs around the globe. Plans to connect with and include more local and global DSPs in its open platform have been earmarked for the near future.

AdStir is committed to continuously update and develop its products, starting with the ‘Automatic Yield Optimization’. The Automatic Yield Optimization platform will be enhanced so that it detects ads to ensure a 100 per cent fill rate across all mobile banner ad categories (e.g. Icon, Interstitial and native ads). As the industry shifts towards a multi-monetization platform, AdStir can help advertisers further optimize their ad spend.


With the continual enhancement of its multi-platform offerings and an increased emphasis on mobile, UNITED aims to cement itself as the leading company within the smartphone RTB market, a segment where strong growth is expected over the next few years.

About Criteo

Criteo delivers personalized performance advertising at an extensive scale. Measuring return on post-click sales, Criteo makes ROI transparent and easy to measure. Criteo has over 1,000 employees in 17 offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, serving over 6,000 advertisers worldwide with direct relationships with over 7,000 publishers. For more information, please visit http://www.criteo.com


About Criteo’s Performance Advertising

Criteo delivers personalized advertising for mobile devices, social media formats and desktops across high-quality inventories and leading RTB networks. Criteo performance advertising is driven by the Criteo Engine, which uses sophisticated algorithmic modeling to intuitively understand consumer interests and intent, and serve personalized, real-time ads to consumers in more than 130 countries.





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