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SSP”AdStir” launched video ads mediation feature for mobile ~ Supports different mobile video ad formats ~

UNITED, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Chairperson and CEO: Tomonori Hayakawa, TSE Code: 2497, hereafter, “United”) announces its SSP(*1) “AdStir (http://ad-stir.com/)” launched its video ads mediation feature for mobile.


Japan’s video advertising market in 2017 is seen to reach 730 Million Dollars which is 5 to 6 times bigger to 2013. Among this smartphone video advertising will cover the majority of the market and rapid growth is highly expected. (*2)


However, the current smartphone video ads solution that is in the market is base on single ad format with limited demand by each Adnetwork.


Through “AdStir” video ads mediation feature, publishers/app developers can use different Adnetwork to optimize video ads running in their inventory that will support them to increase and obtain high CPM rates through video ads easily. With different mobile video ad formats available with this solution, publishers and app developers can easily implement and customize to engage users.


“AdStir” will continuously develop and support different kinds of ad format and integrate with Japanese local and global DSP’s(*3) through RTB integration, increase bidding transaction and aim further to expand as SSP platform.


About AdStir


United Inc. releases SSP“AdStir” in September 2011. “AdStir” is an advertising monetization platform designed for internet media ad spots to maximize profits (Yield Optimize) by optimizing distribution, and uses RTB(*4) advertising to generate a high level of profits. The number of monthly impressions reached 30 billion in September 2014, making it the largest SSP in the Japanese smartphone market.

United moved to an open platform for RTB advertising much earlier than competitors, started the integration with the company’s DSP “Bypass” in April 2012. AdStir is integrated to 22 DSP’s around the globe and will continue to integrate with different platforms in Japan and around the globe as an open platform.


AdStir has unique feature like, automated optimization, ad inventory detection that will help maximize publishers revenue and support also different kind of ad formats such as interstitial, native ads. AdStir also not only rely in their high technology but also offer media consulting that helps publishers to make best decision on setting ads that will generate higher revenue through AdStir.


United will continue to grow as overall advertising platform, continuously strengthen and develop our product, aiming to provide advertising solutions with the latest ad technology.


(*1) SSP (Supply Side Platform, Sell Side Platform) is an advertising management platform for the supply side that provides centralized management of numerous ads, and optimizes distribution (with functions such as yield optimize) in order to maximize growth.


(*2)Source from Cyber Agent and Seed Planning (October 2014)


(*3)DSP (Demand Side Platform) is an advertising management platform for the demand side (advertising side) that follows specific distribution logic to distribute ads to the optimum users in order to maximize advertising effects.


(*4)RTB (Real Time Bidding) advertising is a form of advertising technology where the advertising buyer (advertiser) uses DSP to buy media ad spots on a per-impression basis in a bidding format. The advertising buyer (advertiser) can thus increase advertising effectiveness by paying a price that corresponds with that level of effectiveness. Media can be sold as impressions to the advertiser with the highest bid, which can drastically increase advertising income.