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CocoPPa is a "smartphone decoration community" that allows smartphone users to customize their smartphones to their liking using their own illustrations or those contributed by other users. Users are free to contribute materials they have created, which other users can then use as they like to make their smartphones more fun to look at. CocoPPa has its origins in Japan, boasting more than 50 million installations as of May 2016, and with 89% of its users outside Japan, 24% of whom are in the United States, is truly a global smartphone service. We are also expanding the service to allow images from PC websites to be used, further improving the quality of the materials contributed, and giving users more freedom to express themselves in interesting ways.

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Screenshots from CocoPPa

  • Screenshots from CocoPPa
  • Screenshots from CocoPPa
  • Screenshots from CocoPPa
  • Screenshots from CocoPPa
  • Screenshots from CocoPPa

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Features of CocoPPa

  • A huge range of materials to make homescreens, icons, and wallpaper cute!
  • Icons can be assigned to a wide variety of items, including websites, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and apps.
  • Contributors can choose whether to make their submissions public or private when submitting them.
  • Icons submitted are uploaded after the CocoPPa management office checks issues such as copyright.


iOS Android
Category Lifestyle Customization
Price Free Free
Release date Jul. 19, 2012 May. 29, 2013
Requirements iOS7.0 or higher Android4.1 or higher
Category Lifestyle
Price Free
Release date Jul. 19, 2012
Requirements iOS7.0 or higher
Category Customization
Price Free
Release date May. 29, 2013
Requirements Android4.1 or higher


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