IRIR information

IR Policy

Purpose and Basic Policy of IR Activities

We maintain a basic stance consisting of “punctuality,” “accuracy,” and “fairness” for the sake of obtaining proper evaluation and trust from all stakeholders and ensuring the transparency of company management. We proactively conduct disclosure of corporate information regarding our Group as well as Investor Relations (IR) and Stakeholder Relations (SR) activities.

Standard for Information Disclosures

We will conduct timely disclosure in accordance with the disclosure protocol for corporate content, etc. of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the timely disclosure rules established by securities exchanges (hereinafter referred to as "timely disclosure rules"). We also voluntarily disclose information that we determine necessary even if it does not fall under the timely disclosure rules.

Method of Information Disclosure

When disclosing information that falls under the timely disclosure rules, in accordance with those rules, we explain the content of the information to stock exchanges in advance, and disclose the information in a timely manner over the exchanges’ Timely Disclosure network (TD net). Following procedures for disclosure via TDnet, we disclose the information on our website.

Earnings Forecasts and Future Projections

Earnings forecasts and future projections that we disclose are based on information available at the time of preparation, and include potential risks and uncertainties. We make no guarantee that these forecasts or projections will be actualized. Moreover, actual results may differ due to changes in business conditions and other factors. Therefore, assessments of our business performance or enterprise value should not rely entirely on our earnings forecasts. In addition, it is our policy not to express any views on earnings forecasts by analysts or other third parties.

IR Quiet Period

We observe a quiet period of two weeks prior to an earnings results announcement date to prevent divulging crucial earnings information that could influence our share price while we are preparing our earnings announcement. During this quiet period, we cannot comment on or answer any inquiries about earnings results. If an event that arises during a quiet period is subject to the timely disclosure rules, however, we promptly disclose the information as appropriate, after which we accept inquiries.